Sunday, August 18, 2013

2nd Showcase day for the Back to School teens from SBS

So here I have another bookmark, a decorated lunch tote and 2 cards I have been having computer issues so crossing my fingers this will upload. :)

 Ok so this bookmark was a joint project with Emily and I, I colored it and she picked out the duct tape colors for "her" bookmark. :) Hope you like my Rio.  A little of the image got cut out with using this punch so click the link and check out the full version.

Lunch break miller is such a cutie.  Just a note though the printable iron on does not work well with the thermal lunch tote.  At least not this one :( everything started peeling :(

Really great image and if you have digital editing software you could change the paper to lots of different notes for many occasion. Endless possibilities come to mind.....

Yes I dug out some halloween papers for this one.  But the argyle pattern seemed to go with this science guy.

Hope you like my representation!

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