Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New SBS projects for this week.

3 new projects using simply Betty Stamps.  The first is the image I won from the Tumbler 2 blog hop I am trying to color with copic markers rather than my usual colored pencils.  #2 is a little bucket I got at Target I added Lil Pumpkin Lilly colored with pencils.  #3 is a sign I got at Dollar General.  It had a broken wooden pumpkin where Fall Frolic Betty now sits.  I removed the pumpkin and added Betty and her little pal.  I'm pretty happy with these but admit I need a lot more practice coloring with markers =)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Emmy's SBS shirt

Here is my first clothing item made using a digi!  The face color was so light that some of the blue came through to her face but I still like the way it looks.  Will update with pic.s of the whole outfit later.

Monday, August 13, 2012

SBS fan challenge

Here is the card I made for the SBS fan challenge.  Hot pink, Lime green, Black, +1 paper color of your choice.  I choose purple I heat embossed the lime green circle with black sparkle! Colored the image with pencils then to get a hot pink color, went over the pink pencil with some Pink passion ink from stampin up. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Simple Girly Card

Here is my card for the Girly challenge at Pikes playground  Colored my kitty with pink pencils and her jewels with silver and gold.  I let my daughter pick out the embellishments, flowers hearts and sparkle on pink what could be more girly!

SBS Olympics

So I was really excited when this awesome challenge came up at Simply Betty's a different challenge each day celebrating the Olympics "Betty Style"  My goal was to enter every day, I missed it by one challenge but am still pretty proud of myself!  Here are my entries for each challenge and a description of what the challenge card was to be.  I am a team USA girl.

Day 1 Opening Ceremony

Welcome to the 2012 SBS Olympics, today we launch our challenges with a nice easy challenge.  All you need do is create a project featuring an SBS image and a Party Theme, because our Olympics is all about fun, laughter, and spooky challenges.
Here is my card I used "Betty Munster" and thought of a queen waving her hanky to start a tournament of some kind.  The hanky is a bit of purple tissue paper, I made the sentiment on the computer and the banner was an acrylic stamp I stamped 3 times in black then colored red white and blue for both USA and GB.  Betty I colored with pencils.

Day 2 100m Zombie chase 

Welcome back, Today's challenge is the '100m Zombie Chase'  Just create a project featuring a SBS image along with a running and zombie theme, it's open to interpretation, so have fun with it!
For this card I used "Alex track", "Marcy Mummy" and "Rio Valentine"  I chose to make Marcy and Rio grey and green zombie fans following Alex.  The background is a print of a London over a paper I had of a western USA scene.  I colored all 3 with pencils and added a punched heart to Marcy's hand.

Day 3 Batteling Broomsticks 

So Did you manage to out run the Zombies Yesterday?  No need to run today tho, as today's challenge is 'Battling Broomsticks'; create a project featuring a SBS image and some sort of Broomstick Battle, it could be a duel, or a race, whatever springs to mind, the skys the limit.
Ok here I chose to use Devil Rio at the time a made the card I had no images with broomsticks ( yes I have rectified that situation now) Anyway I printed Rio twice flipping the image I drew my own broomheads to mount over her pitchfork. Colored them in Red White and Blue for our 2 teams and placed them on a gold ribbon tightrope.  En Garde!

Day 4 Coffin Racing

 Time to put your Broomsticks away, and get those Coffins out, and get racing.  Remember you just need to use a SBS image and some sort of Coffin Racing; Does your Coffin have wheels or oars??
This one was so much fun I knew as soon as I read the challenge that I wanted to race my Coffin Surfboard.  I found the coffin pic placed it in microsoft publisher and added "Surfer zombie Christian" whom I colored in red white and blue again, guess that was kinda my theme.  I used a punch on the corners of the wave print which I colored with pencils and added it to a red card base.

Day 5 Familiar throw

Familiar Throwing you say?? Yes today's challenge is all about our special friends, our familiars; What's Yours? A Black Cat, White Owl, Slivering Snake, or a furry little rodent??  Whatever it is, it's time to start throwing them!!
So we have quite a few pets but 2 of them are still puppies brothers to be exact and sometimes very rowdy.  Wasn't sure what I was going to do with this challenge till I saw "Betty Bolts and Baxter" 
I colored betty in fun pink and black and colored 2 baxters exactly alike and an extra arm.  The thrown baxter got a little overzealous and along with his wrench got a bit of his masters arm. ;)

Day 6 Skull games 

Today we're gonna play some 'Skull Games'; Yes we are using Skulls instead of balls, any game you can play with a ball you can play with a Skull.  Just use a SBS image on your project along with some sort of Skull Ball.
For this challenge I used "glam rock Rio"  thought she had a kind of Harlem globe trotter stance lol.  I colored her in red and purple and added basketball stripes to my skull.  I punched a firework paper to go behind my skull and red white and blue stars for my designer paper the card base is actually purple as is Rio's mat and the scallop around the skull.  Basketskull anyone?

Day 7 Pass the pumpkin

 Today we are playing 'Pass the Pumpkin', Use a SBS image on your project and Pass the Pumpkin, it could be a relay race, Beach Volley Pumpkin, we'd even accept some Pumpkin Juggling, it's really up to you.
I used "spaghetti Christian"  for my pumpkin server.  I colored the spaghetti on the plate a green slime color stamped some pumpkins cut them out and placed them on top the slime on his plate.  I mounted him on a scrap left over from the opening ceremonies challenge and used a silver embossed background this time on a dark blue card base.

Day 8 Vaulting Vampires 

Welcome to Day 8 of the SBS Olympics, and today it's all about Vampires.  Have you seen a Vampire Vault??  Well after today you might have, because that is what we're asking you to create.  A project featuring a SBS image and Vampires, Do Vampires Vault in the Gymnastics, or are they more into the High Jump, it's up to you...

So here is where I missed my goal :( No entry for me everyone did a great job here though.

Day 9 Steak Archery

Who doesn't love a nice Stake?? Well apart from the Vampires, We at SBS love Stakes, and Stake Archery, and that's what today's challenge is all about.  We want to see how good an aim you are!  Get out those SBS images and those Stakes and get shooting; Have Fun.
I love this cupid! This is "Christian Valentine and Verity Vamp" Poor cupid got sent to shoot a vampire who obviously wouldn't mind being shot by handsome cupid.  The smitten is a sticker I added flowers and pearls.  All colored with pencils.

Day 10 pool time

It's our final challenge for the SBS Olympics, and today we're hitting the Pool.  We want to see those Zombies, Werewolves, Witches all having some watery fun.  All you need to join in is an SBS image and some sort of water inspired fun.
So this is my least fav. which I did in a matter of min's I know it shows I used "Lifeguard Christian and Rio summer" I did have fun coloring them but it was a last min thing.

Hope you made it through this huge post I had a lot of fun doing these and next time I will have to be a little better at my goals. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Here is a clean and simple halloween card using a Simply Betty image.  Just the cutest lil witch ever!  Colored with pencils the purple background is embossed with a folder and the green paper is punched with the drippy goo border punch!


Here is a B-day card for a lil girl the image is from wee stamps (silver fairy)  Love,love,love this stamp.  Colored with pencils.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beach day challenge.

2 fun cards that I made up for the http://outlawzchallenges.ning.com/ the twisted thursday challenge with a beach theme. Wishing you sunshine and happiness.