Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last day of the 13 days of Halloween Challenge Boohoo

Hi all I hope you had a wonderful and safe Halloween.  Here is my last entry for the challenge over at Betty's .  It is pretty late as this one was difficult as I had 3 kids sick last week.  Chris missed 4 days of school, Kyle 3and a half and Emily 2.  Pretty crazy.  Anyway this one was a TRICK or TREAT challenge.   
Rules:     Trick or Treat!
Show us a favorite Trick (technique) or give us a Treat.  Without further ado here is my project.  I decided to make a Halloween Advent Calendar, with a twist ( no numbers)  The idea is that each drawer is filled with either a trick or a treat..... I have squiggly snakes in a drawer, viles of goo, spiders etc... then candy in some drawers.  Some drawers contain little notes like let's go for ice cream or tirck like time to clean your room.  Lots of fun.
 Here is the top I decided to use Lil Pumpkin Lilly and Skeleton Oscar Colored with copics.  I added my trick or treat sentiment and a skeleton buddy and embossed some potion stamps to create a full shelf Lily needed more of a treat so on her side I gave her a little flower rosette.

 Here is a pic with some drawers open and goodies spilling out.
 This is what the little notes look like, not all have skeleton buddies.
One more picture with Emily's glow in the dark skittles ghost holder to show you can sit things on the top shelf.

This was so much work but it was fun work.  I made 9 drawer bases with 9 shelf dividers.  Then made 26 small drawers and 5 larger drawers.  I had to put all the drawer bases together then hand draw the top all before decorating.  
Thank you so much to Betty and the awesome DT for all the fun 13 day projects. 


  1. Oh. My. Word. This is incredible! I can't even imagine the work that went into this! And what a great idea too! Awesome job on this, Rachel! It's top notch!

  2. This is so much fun and so pretty and useful..excellent project thanks for joining us at SCC

  3. That's amazing!!! Well done - what a lot of work but what fun!

  4. This is just amazing! You definitely earned that DT spot! CONGRATS!

  5. Love your Halloween Advent Calender its stunning x